Online store of artisan nougat made in Jijona

The traditional artisan nougat, from Jijona. From the factory to your home.

Artisan nougat

The traditional artisan nougat, from Jijona. From the factory to your home.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent, we have been manufacturers of artisan nougat in Jijona (Alicante) since 1917. We make each bar with the best national ingredients such as Marcona almonds and honey from Mediterranean beekeepers.

Our whole family is a nougat maker, so we follow the lifelong nougat recipes, maintaining the highest quality and the manufacturing formulas used for more than a century.

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Certified quality

Our nougat recipes have more than a century of history. Besides, we have products with the seal of Designation of Origin.

Nougat masters

More than 100 years of experience in the artisan production of the best quality nougat in our factory in Jijona (Alicante).

Personalised packs

This Christmas give our personalised packs as a gift. Choose the nougat bars that you like the most and surprise whoever you want.

Free shipment in 24/48h.

Shipments to the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands are completely free. Shipments for the rest of the countries are as competitive as possible and you can calculate them once you complete your shopping basket. Advice for each order.

100% safe payments.

We have different forms of payment so that you can choose the most convenient for you: Bizum, credit or debit card and PayPal.

Personalised attention

Do you need any help to buy artisan nougat from Alicante? We can help you online through our website or via WhatsApp to solve all your queries.

We are manufacturers of nougat with Designation of Origin

We make classic artisan nougat with the Designation of Origin seal. This means that the composition of our products meets the necessary requirements: the ingredients are specifically from the area, their preparation follows the traditional recipe and they meet the minimum quantities of each ingredient to be considered nougat with Designation of Origin.

We use Marcona almonds collected in La Carrasqueta and honey also collected in the Mediterranean area. In fact, our recipe exceeds by far the minimum amounts of almonds and honey in each artisan nougat bar.

Try our nougat with Designation of Origin from Jijona: Jijona Nougat (soft) and Alicante Nougat (hard). They are the most outstanding product and it is available throughout the year. From the very first bite you will feel its intense sweet flavour and you will notice the difference with industrial nougat.


We strictly pay attention to hygiene, quality and temperature during the elaboration of all our artisan Jijona nougat to guarantee the quality and traditional taste. In addition, we use artisan and thoughtful packaging to ensure that the product arrives safely.

In our online catalogue of artisan nougat you can find different flavours such as chocolate, roasted egg yolk, marzipan, coconut, fruit and many others.

We offer nougat bar formats in 300 gr , 400 gr and 600 gr, a larger size than industrial nougat bars. This way, you can get a better deal and enjoy a greater amount of the product. We sell artisan nougat bars to companies and individuals in large quantities.

Purchase nougat in packs to save money. We prepare recipes and desserts so that you can enjoy different flavours or give an original gift this Christmas.

We are an online artisan nougat shop with factory prices. We are an online artisan nougat shop with factory prices.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we make each product in a limited way to offer higher quality and genuine artisan recipes. We make quality artisan nougat and it is not mass produced. . For this reason, you can purchase any type of nougat at Christmas, but during the rest of the year only Jijona Nougat and Alicante Nougat are available.


The most traditional flavors

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turrón duro de alicante

Supreme quality in our IGP nougat

Alicante Nougat

Nougat from Jijona

The best flavor with Denomination of Origin

A bar of dark chocolate and some coffee beans on a white surface

Nougat for chocolate lovers

Nougat and chocolate sweets

Artisan pastries

Pastas and sweets of all life

chocolate martini drink in martini glass decorated with sprinkles scaled

Innovation with our nougat

Liqueurs and nougat creams

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In our artisan sugar free nougat we replace this ingredient with honey and sweeteners suitable for diabetics. And for the ecological bars we use sustainable products. At Christmas,, nougat is for everyone, that is why we make it for all tastes.

Nougat masters

In addition to traditional nougatwehave a range of sweets made with organic products, suitable for coeliacs or people with other allergies or foodintolerancesAll these products are made with the traditional recipe, but taking care of the ingredients and their preparation. You will find the indications and food tolerances on the page of each product.

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At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we have been making artisan nougats for more than 105 years. One more generation following the tradition

Discover our batches of nougat

Enjoy the traditional flavor of artisan nougat at a cheaper price

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"Every Christmas I buy nougat from Verdú Sirvent. They remind me of the nougat I used to eat when I was little and it's one of the best I've ever tasted."
María Torres
"I discovered your store walking around FIGueres and it has been great! Every Christmas enjoy the taste of real artisan nougat".
Pablo García
"They are quality artisan nougat that are not lacking in my table at Christmas. In addition, the treatment in the store is phenomenal. The yolk nougat is my favorite, I recommend it" .
Sandra Zamora
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