Egg yolk nougat 650 g.


Artisanal bar of egg yolk nougat cut by weight and packaged individually. It is possible to purchase it in bars of 400 g. or the well-known catalna bar with a (minimum) weight of 650 g. The difference from other shops and commmercial centres is the thickness of our bars made with almonds.


This nougat is made with raw almonds. The basic ingredient, together with the almond, is the egg yolk. ENERGY VALUE: 1879 kJ (449 kcal). FATS: 23 g. OF WHICH SATURATED: 3 grs. CARBOHYDRATES: 50 grs. OF WHICH SUGAR: 50 grs. FOOD FIBRE: 4 grs. PROTEIN: 9 grs. SALT: 0.5 grs.

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