Liqueurs and nougat creams

Savor the traditional artisan nougat made liquor

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent not only we make pastries, sweets and nougat in our nougat factory but also liqueurs and nougat creams following the same recipe our grandparents used to make more than a century ago.

Enjoy the authentic flavour of bottled Jijona Nougat turned into liqueur We choose the best Mediterranean Marcona almonds to prepare each bottle of nougat cream.

Nougat liqueur

Enjoy the best nougat flavour with the nougat liqueur recipe that we prepare in an artisanal way. This Christmas you can savour this delicious drink with a creamy texture in a glass with ice or in small shot glasses.

This liqueur is ideal to accompany the nougat, polvorones, marzipan, cakes and Christmas sweets that are eaten after meals at all family gatherings and with friends. We have glass bottles of different capacities available for you to choose the one you prefer. You only have to place the bottle in the refrigerator to cool the nougat liqueur and serve it very cold in order to taste its authentic flavour.

Now you can enjoy soft nougat in liquid form with our nougat creams and liqueurs. A different way to taste the typical Jijona quality product made in a traditional nougat factory like ours.

Buy liqueurs and nougat creams

Do you like liqueurs such as Baileys or soft and sweet drinks? In our online store you can purchase a bottle of soft nougat cream liqueur.. An alcoholic beverage with a flavour of artisan almond nougat. You can also find chocolate liqueur or coffee liqueur.

We recommend refrigerating the bottle of nougat cream before consuming it to enjoy its exquisite flavour and creamy texture. It can also be drunk in a glass with ice. Our nougat liqueur cream is made with a milk base that gives it a creamier and smoother texture.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we ship to the Iberian Peninsula totally free, for the rest of the countries you can calculate the shipping costs when making the purchase. You can acquire these typical soft Jijona Nougat liqueurs in our physical shop or from our online shop. This Christmas, taste sweets and desserts accompanied by the best artisan nougat cream!

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