Artisan pastries

The cakes of a lifetime, freshly made at your house

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we elaborate a wide variety of artisan cakes and sweets in our nougat bakery in Jijona. We have been elaborating recipes of artisan pastries for more than 100 years to offer a traditional product, typical from our village and well-known around the world.

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Discover a wide variety of typical cakes from Jijona and other areas of our country. We prepare them in a traditional way, selecting the best ingredients and products for each part of the process with great care.

No one can resist a great sweet or an artisan cake. Feel the sweet smell of a freshly-made cake in your own home.


In our online cake shop you will find traditional pastries from Jijona (Alicante). They are typical from our area and they are expected throughout the year until the Christmas season. You can purchase typical homemade Christmas sweets to taste them together with your family and friends.

Discover our variety of artisan cakes elaborated with supreme quality products. We send them to any area of the Iberian Peninsula for free. The shipping cost for the rest of the countries can be calculated once you have chosen the desired products.

In our online assortment of candied fruit we have available orange strips dipped in dark chocolate, tangerines, pears, peaches, plums, pumpkin and orange, one of the most popular fruits for this time of year.

Marzipan glory cakes

Marzipan glory cakes Marzipan glory cakes are marzipan balls filled with sweet potato with icing sugar sprinkled on top. Once the dough and the stuffing are ready they are cooked au gratin for some minutes to brown them and get the traditional appearance.

We still elaborate the lifelong traditional recipe of marzipan glory cakes. This is an elaboration that was already prepared by our grandparents 100 years ago. Moreover, we still wrap each marzipan glory cake by hand with striking silver paper. You can buy traditional marzipan glory cakes in boxes of 500 gr. or contact us to tell us the quantity of marzipan glory cakes you would like to purchase.

Marzipan glory cakes and egg yolk

Egg yolk cakes are very typical from Andalusia as they are closely related to “Cadiz bread” (pan de Cádiz). These cakes are elaborated like the marzipan glory cakes: they are ball shaped and they are covered with white sugar. However, in this case, the stuffing is composed by stuffing yolk and a bit of sweet potato.

These cakes are also wrapped one by one with striking golden paper. We take care of every step of the process. You can buy artisan egg yolk cakes in boxes of 500 gr. on our website and enjoy a delicious bite.

Stuffed almonds

Almonds stuffed with nougat nougat are one of the most traditional Christmas sweets. We stuff them with stoneground nougat one by one with the best Marcona almonds of the Mediterranean area. You can purchase them from our catalogue of typical sweets of Jijona.

We elaborate them with thin almond shell wafers and we stuff them with stoneground nougat elaborated with Marcona almonds from the sustainable crops of the highest quality. The combination of the crunchy texture of the wafers and the creamy consistency of the nougat creates a unique culinary experience.

Nougat panettone

In our online artisan cake shop we also elaborate the most Christmassy panettone: the nougat panettone. We prepare prepare Jijona Nougat panettone with a delicious flavour and a spongy texture following the traditional recipe of the lifelong pastry chefs.

Difference between artisan pastry and industrial pastry

The elaboration of desserts and sweet dishes is very common in any season of the year but even more at Christmas. What is the difference between artisan pastry and industrial pastry?

On the one hand, artisan pastry focuses on the preparation of sweet recipes in an artisanal way. That is to say, it involves less quantity and guarantees the quality of all the ingredientes. To elaborate this type of artisan pastry natural and artisan products are used. They provide a better flavour and texture. Artisan sweets are totally compatible with a healthy and balanced diet as long as an adequate amount is consumed.

On the other hand, industrial pastry focuses on the elaboration of sweet recipes in large quantities using industrial machinery. On occasions, lower quality aliments are used such as refined oils, poor quality flour, preservatives, additives, etc.

Therefore, artisan pastry allows the careful elaboration of lifelong desserts step by step. This way, we achieve a better quality product and a unique experience for any person’s palate, especially sweet lovers.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we have our own factory and a nougat bakery where we elaborate a great variety of cakes and artisan sweets.. Most of the recipes we prepare are the same as the ones our grandparents made more than one century ago. Thus, to offer quality and lifelong recipes, we elaborate these Christmas desserts on a limited basis.

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