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At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we elaborate artisan nougat in our own nougat bakery in Jijona (Alicante). We keep preparing lifelong nougat recipes by hand following the tradition of our predecessors for more than a century.

Moreover, we use local and supreme quality natural ingredients to elaborate each traditional nougat. Discover our wide variety of artisan nougat. There is nougat available for all tastes.

We elabore the best Jijona Nougat with Designation of Origin

Two of our best-selling products are the nougat with Designation of Origin: Alicante Nougat (hard) and Jijona Nougat (soft). You can purchase it on our website and taste the authentic traditional flavour. If you are wondering where to purchase nougat throughout the year, on our website you can acquire these two varieties at the moment of the year you prefer.

Besides these two products with Designation of origin seal granted by the Jijona Regulatory Council, we also sell other types of artisan nougat like the bakery nougat (coconut, roasted egg-yolk, marzipan with fruit, coco-choco, unroasted yolk…). To elaborate them we use 14-15 calibre Marcona almonds cultivated and harvested in the Mediterranean area.

Stoneground nougat

We elaborate and commercialise Stoneground nougat in the shape of a bar or stuffed almond with a supreme quality. This nougat has a soft texture, very similar to the Jijona Nougat but more compact. This way its consistency is similar to the polvorón. Try this nougat with sweet flavour and a touch of lemon and cinnamon!

Coconut Nougat

This is one of our most common bakery nougat in our nougat factory in Jijona. Besides coconut as the main ingredient, our artisan coconut nougat contains high quality almond to further enhance its flavour. For the most exquisite palates we elaborate coconut nougat covered with dark chocolate. An exquisite sweet!

Cadiz Bread nougat

This nougat is also known as Pan de Cádiz (Cadiz bread).. In our nougat factory we elaborate it with several layers of marzipan nougat with candied fruit, yolk and sweet potato. The ingredients are put one on top of the other and covered with another layer of marzipan. This way we build layer by layer a candied fruit filled sweet covered in a delicious marzipan nougat.

Fruit nougat

Our candied fruit nougat is also artisan. This is another classic and traditional bakery nougat in every Christmas table. Its main ingredient is marzipan and it has pieces of candied fruit like orange, pumpkin, pear and peach.

Yolk nougat

The unroasted yolk nougat nougat is also elaborated in the bakery (a part of the factory where Designation of Origin nougat is not made). It is ideal for those who love the flavour of the candied yolk or for those who prefer to roast it themselves at home.

Roasted yolk nougat

This nougat is also known as burnt yolk nougat.. It is another nougat made in our bakery, highly consumed by our customers at Christmas. Unlike traditional yolk nougat, freshly made roasted yolk nougat has a layer of burnt sugar that gives it a different and unique taste.

Purchasing nougat online

On our website you can purchase first class artisan nougat online online elaborated with natural ingredients. We prepare the same recipes our grandparents started with 100 years ago. We ship to the Iberian Peninsula for free. For the rest of the countries you can calculate the shipping cost once you finish your purchase.

If you have any doubt or query while shopping online on our website, please contact us via email, whatsapp or telephone.

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