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Enjoy our traditional Mediterranean pine nuts with sugar

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we elaborate Spanish (national) pine nuts grown in the Mediterranean climate covered in sugar in an artisanal way. A traditional recipe to enjoy the flavour of life in every bite.

After going through various selection processes we pick the best national pine nuts to offer the highest quality and an exquisite experience for any palate.

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Pine nuts are a very typical sweet in the area, both during the Christmas season and during the rest of the year. I In fact, in many areas they are one of the most consumed sweets and they are given as an offering or as a thank you gift in celebrations such as baptisms, weddings or communions.

It is true that Christmas is the time of greatest consumption of this sweet. Sugared pine nuts are eaten a lot for dessert along with other sweets such as nougat or polvorones, for example. That is why if you are wondering where to buy artisanal pine nuts with sugar, in our online shop you can easily buy them in bags or in bulk for a better value for money.

We prepare them by hand in our nougat factory in Jijona (Alicante). We use only high-quality products and ingredients such as pine nuts cultivated and harvested in the Mediterranean area. And, above all, the layer of sugar that covers the pine nut is very thin making the pine nut the principal ingredient. Therefore, on our website you can purchase sweet pine nuts with a higher proportion of nut weight instead of sugar.

We follow the same lifelong recipe, the one that our grandparents created more than a century ago. So our pine nuts with sugar have the traditional flavour as always. And this higher proportion of pine nuts rather than sugars in the final product makes each bite authentic and crunchy.

In our facilities, we have the necessary utensils and machinery to elaborate our native sugared pine nuts like the first day for more than a century of tradition.

Elaboration process

First we toast the pine nuts, then we let them rest to cool naturally. Meanwhile, the nougat master prepares a sugar syrup in a separate container to add it to the nuts later.

. In another container these pine nuts are introduced and they do not stop turning. Then the syrup and water are added. With the rotating movement, the liquid oxidises and the pine nuts crystallise with the sugar. This rotary movement of the container provides the perfect temperature and the evaporation of the syrup.

Once the desired thickness is achieved in the pine nuts, they are removed from the container to put a special powder on them that gives them a final uniform shine.

A very select product

This exquisite and gourmet product is suitable for coeliacs, as it does not contain any type of flour Its ingredients are only pine nuts and sugar. Therefore, the nutritional properties of pine nuts are perfect for anyone and any palate.

In our nougat factory in Jijona (Alicante) we produce it in a limited and select way, since we elaborate the recipe of our ancestors in the same way and we take care of the traditional artisanal preparation. We serve it in small cellophane bags with a capacity of 200 gr. We also prepare personalised bags with the amount of your choice. You can enquire more precise information via phone, WhatsApp or email.

On our website you can purchase artisanal pine nuts online at the best price and calculate shipping costs before finalising the purchase process. Shipments to the Iberian Peninsula are free of charge. For the rest of the countries, the delivery cost will be calculated when making the purchase.

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