Sugared almond

We send sugared almonds with the traditional flavor of a lifetime wherever you want.

We elaborate artisanal sugared almonds in our nougat factory in Jijona (Alicante) following the same recipe as 100 years ago. We use 14/16 calibre Marcona almonds cultivated and collected in the Mediterranean area.

Our sugared almond recipe stands out for a greater weight of almonds and a thin layer of sugar. Discover them in our online catalogue!

Marcona sugared almonds

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we follow a very careful selection process to choose the most appropriate Marcona almonds grown in the Mediterranean area. We continue to prepare this typical Christmas sweet with the same recipe as our grandparents and nougat masters followed more than a century ago.

Sugared almonds are very common in all kinds of celebrations. In the past, they were given at weddings, baptisms, communions, and other events as an offering or a thank you gift.

However, today, it is more common to consume them at Christmas time, which is why they are also known as Christmas sugared almonds.

The good old sugared almonds

Our white sugared almonds are almonds covered with a very thin layer of sugar. A limited quantity of products is made in a very select way so that the process is finished at Christmas and not carried on throughout the rest of the year. They are prepared in an artisan way with specialised machinery in our Jijona (Alicante) facilities.

With no doubt, sugared almonds are very typical at Christmas, for special celebrations and family gatherings such as communions or baptisms. They are not just another Christmas sweet, behind them there are many years of tradition and careful preparation.

First, selected Marcona variety 14/16 calibre almonds are roasted and left to cool down. Meanwhile, sugar syrup is made in a different container. Once the roasted almonds have cooled, they are introduced into a non-stop drum and the previously prepared syrup is added.

This liquid contains water and, together with the rotating movement of the container, oxidises and gives the almonds a crunchy and crystallised texture. This way, the thin layer of sugar is created round the almonds. To finish the process, we apply a special powder to give shine and a special appearance to the sweet almonds.

Where can you purchase sweet almonds?

If you are wondering where to acquire artisan sugared almonds online you can easily get them on our website at the best price in terms of quality and quantity. We serve them in cellophane bags of 200 gr. to make it more convenient when consuming them or in case you want to give them to someone. Or, if you prefer another quantity, you can ask us via WhatsApp, phone or email.

We make all kinds of free shipments to the Iberian Peninsula and for the rest of the countries you can calculate the prices when placing the order. Enjoy this tasty and delicious sweet directly from our sugared almond bakery to your home.

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