Purchasing chocolate nougat

Chocolate nougat is the favourite of the real cocoa lovers.

You can purchase chocolate nougat with almonds and other pastries with cocoa in our online cake shop. We elaborate every product in our Jijona nougat factory following the traditional recipe for more than 100 years and we send them wherever you want.

Chocolate nougat

There are a lot of Christmas nougat but with authentic cocoa flavour and a unique texture there is only ours. Taste the best artisan chocolate nougat elaborated by nougat masters for more than four generations. On our website there is a wide variety available with different flavours and textures.

Feel the intense flavour of pure chocolate and the crunchy texture of the whole almonds when biting our black chocolate nougat with almond. To prepare it we use top-quality ingredients: the best Marcona almonds and pure cocoa. This combination of ingredients allows us to elaborate an irresistible flavour nougat in bars of 600 gr. or ingots of 400 gr.

Do you prefer softer chocolate? We also have artisan milk chocolate nougat with almonds elaborated with care and affection by Jijona nougat masters. Enjoy an exquisite bite and feel the authentic flavour of cocoa and milk together with the almonds. You will be able to choose either bars of 300 gr., 400 gr. and 600 gr.

We also elabore sugar free chocolate nougat, suitable for diabetics. In this case, we substitute the sugar with sweeteners and other suitable ingredients. This Christmas we can all enjoy a good piece of nougat with cocoa!

Another chocolate nougat that triumphs in all Christmas tables is the chocolate-dipped coconut nougat. A delicious bar of 720 gr. elaborated with almonds from the area of Jijona and chocolate- dipped quality coconut. A delight to enjoy and savour each bite.

In each product you will find the nutritional value chart as well as the list of ingredients and the allergen indications. . Furthermore, if you need more information, we can assess and advise you to purchase the best chocolate nougat. In our online shop it is available in large formats, larger than industrial nougat tablets, to offer a better value for money.

How do we elaborate our artisan chocolate nougat? The melted liquid cocoa is poured in special machines where peeled almonds are also poured together with water and glucose syrup (or sweeteners in the sugar-free nougat) at high temperatures. Once the ingredients are integrated, the dough is mixed in a blade mixer to get a consistent mixture. It is extracted from the mixer and, after it cools naturally, it is cut into bars.


At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we manufacture these products only at Christmas time to follow the traditional recipe and to offer quality. We provide care and affection to each elaboration, that is why our artisan nougat factory in Jijona (Alicante) is productive mainly for the Christmas campaign.

Chocolate cake

Chocolate lovers will also enjoy chocolate cakes. A real cocoa delicacy with almonds. It is thinner than nougat and round shaped. In appearance, it is very similar to the hard nougat tart but with the pure cocoa colour.

Purchase chocolate-dipped cake to sweeten your Christmas meals, enjoy an exquisite bite or savour the traditional flavour of our artisan chocolate elaborations. You can buy chocolate cake with almond, with dark chocolate and with milk chocolate. Choose the one you prefer and enjoy an exquisite bite!

Chocolate whispers

Apart from the artisan chocolate nougat, in our catalogue of cakes and sweets with cocoa we have stuffed chocolate whispers. . Real marzipan delicacies with liquid chocolate inside.

These sweets are also known as chocolate meringues or “little meringues”. These stuffed marzipans are available in formats of 300 gr. and 500 gr. An exquisite bite that will make you lick your fingers.

If you want to give an artisan sweet as a gift that surprises your guests, relatives and friends for Christmas, these chocolate whispers are your best option.

Orange with chocolate

Another typical Christmas dessert is the dark chocolate-dipped candied orange strips. An exquisite bite that combines the sweet flavour of cocoa and the bitter taste of orange. A real experience for those with a sweet tooth.

On our website you can purchase boxes of chocolate-dipped oranges for Christmas and taste it from wherever you want. We make free shipments nationwide (Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands). For the rest of the countries you can calculate the shipping cost once you fill your shopping cart.

If you have any doubt or enquiry about your online nougat with cocoa order, please, contact us. We help you taste the greatest delights from our sweetest factory!


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