Chocolate nougat with almonds


Artisanal bar of chocolate nougat with almonds. It is possible to purchase it in 400 g. bars or the well-known catalan bar with a (minimum) weight of 600 g. The difference from other shops and commmercial centres is the thickness of our bars made with almonds. You can you select the option of the bar you desire below the photo.

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    The melted liquid cocoa is poured in special machines where peeled almonds are also poured together with water and glucose syrup (or sweeteners in the sugar-free nougat) at high temperatures. Once the ingredients are integrated, the dough is mixed in a blade mixer to get a consistent mixture. It is extracted from the mixer and, after it cools naturally, it is cut into bars. ENERGY VALUE: 2440 kJ (587 kcal). FATS: 42 g. OF WHICH SATURATED: 14 grs. CARBOHYDRATES: 36 grs. OF WHICH SUGAR: 35 grs. FOOD FIBRE: 5 grs. PROTEIN: 13 grs. SALT: 0.1 grs.



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