Jijona Nougat

Jijona Nougat or soft nougat, the traditional one.

We are manufacturers of the genuine artisan Jijona Nougat, following the family recipe that is more than a century old. Discover our variety of soft nougat certified with Designation of Origin.

We elaborate the best Jijona Nougat, with Designation of Origin

Without a doubt, this nougat is the specialty of the house. For its preparation, we use high-quality ingredients obtained from the local area such as Marcona almonds grown and collected in areas of the Iberian Peninsula with a Mediterranean climate. Along with honey grown by Mediterranean beekeepers.

Jijona Nougat, also known as soft nougat, is made at Turrones Verdú Sirvent and has the Designation of Origin seal. We make it 100% in an artisanal way, we follow the traditional recipe, its ingredients comply with the origin of the Jijona area, its quantity meets the minimum requirements and it is subject to the supervision of the Alicante Regulatory Council.


This nougat is one of the best-selling products during Christmas in Spain. In fact, it is one of the most consumed Christmas desserts at this time of year. In our facilities at the Jijona bakery we make it in a limited and controlled way to offer quality and take care of each Jijona Nougat bar meticulously.

The origin of this pasty-textured sweet dates back to the 16th century in Jijona (Alicante), where we have our own facilities for making nougat and Christmas sweets.

Artisan production of Jijona nougat

The Jijona Nougat recipe is made with roasted ground almonds, honey and egg white. These last ingredients give it a special texture, flavour and aroma.

The process of this artisanal nougat consists of mixing the honey and water until the mixture turns golden. This dough is mixed together with the egg white and sugar and left to cool naturally for about 24 hours. Then, that same dough is introduced to the stone mills until it is practically in powder form. This dough is extracted with special shovels and with great care so that it does not break to put them in refiners to convert it into liquid.

Once it cools naturally again, the mixture is introduced into mechanical moulds where a mortar beats the mass incessantly for two hours over low heat. After this phase, the nougat master (operator in charge of making the artisan nougat) pats the dough by hand until the desired texture is achieved.

That is when the almond pieces are added to make the granulated Jijona Nougat that gives the nougat a crunchy touch. Still hot and with the pieces already mixed, the nougat master keeps kneading the dough until he considers that it has the final consistency. . It is extracted into some moulds where it will rest for two days where it hardens after draining the oil from the almond itself. Later it is cut by hand for proper packaging bar by bar and vacuum packed.

Artisan Jijona Nougat

Our artisan Jijona Nougat is made by hand following a recipe that is more than 100 years old. It has the Designation of Origin seal as well as the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) seal granted by Brussels.

We prepare it with Marcona variety almonds (69%), authentic orange tree honey (17%), sugar and egg white. In general, this variety of Jijona nougat with a soft texture must contain at least 60% almonds (minimum amount required to obtain the PGI seal). However, our soft nougat exceeds this amount considerably.


Each soft nougat tablet contains its information regarding the ingredients and nutritional values. In addition, it includes the best before date, although we recommend consuming it within a maximum of 18 months as long as it is kept in a cool (approximately 20ºC) and dry place (RH 65%).

Buy the best classic Jijona Nougat online for this Christmas. Enjoy the authentic flavour with your family and in good company. We offer 300 gr, 400 gr and 600 gr bars, larger than industrial nougat bars, so you can enjoy a better value for money.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent, we have been looking after the elaboration process of our Jijona Nougat for over a hundred years.

Where to buy Jijona Nougat

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