Alicante Nougat

The hard nougat or Alicante Nougat, the most traditional at home.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we elaborate Alicante Nougat in a traditional way. It is one of the classic best-selling nougat for Christmas. We have been preparing it with the same familiar recipe for more than 100 years and it is certified with Designation of Origin.

We elaborate the best Alicante nougat

We elaborate the artisan Alicante Nougat with Marcona almonds cultivated and harvested in the Mediterranean climate. We also use orange tree honey cultivated by mediterranean beekeepers. We use sugar and egg white. Our artisan bars contain a seal of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) granted by Brussels. This recognition requires a minimum of 60% of almonds grown in the area.

Our Alicante Nougat contains 70% of toasted almond in its recipe, 17% of orange tree honey, sugar and egg white. Thus, it far exceeds the required quantities, achieving a supreme quality.

In every nougat bar we indicate all the nutritional information and its ingredients together with the best before date. We recommend consuming it in a maximum of 18 months and keeping it in a cool (about 20º) and dry (65%RH) place.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent, we sell artisan Alicante Nougat in bars of 300 gr. and 600 gr. It is a larger format than the industrial nougat bars in the supermarket. This way, we offer a higher quality at a better price.


We are the manufacturers of Alicante Nougat in Jijona, the cradle of nougat

We have used the same recipe for more than one century since we are the fourth generation of one of the nougat families in Jijona (Alicante). We dedicate the same time and affection four generations later. That is why when you buy an Alicante Nougat bar on our website you can savour the authentic lifelong flavour.

This nougat is one of our best-selling products and it is usually available throughout the year. Although we recommend making your Christmas Alicante Nougat order as soon as possible so that you have it in time to enjoy it with your family and friends.


This Christmas sweet is one of the favourites of consumers, together with Jijona Nougat, for its sweet flavour and consistency. Specialised and traditional machinery is needed to prepare it such as an almond toaster, a stone mill and a specific mortar to grind almonds.

The process of artisan elaboration of Alicante Nougat starts by heating the honey and the water until the mixture turns golden. Once the water evaporates the honey is mixed with the previously toasted peeled almond, the sugar and the egg white. The white colour of the nougat that we know is achieved thanks to the evaporated egg white. This mixture is kneaded by two nougat masters with special blades.

Once we get the desired consistency, it is placed on a table to be able to cut the mixture. After that it is passed to the wafer-coated moulds where the bar of nougat is flattened so that the distribution of the almond is perfectly even. Then it is left to cool naturally for at least two days and is cut into bars of the desired size and vacuum packed.

Do you know the difference between the hard nougat and the soft nougat?

It is true that hard and soft nougat share a similar process of elaboration and ingredients. However, the Jijona Nougat is refined and its texture is much softer whereas in the process of elaboration of the Alicante Nougat the dough dries and it is much more consistent.

The main difference is the treatment of the almond. In the case of the Jijona Nougat the almonds are crushed and in the Alicante Nougat whole almonds are used. Moreover, in the process of elaboration, after mixing the ingredients, in the hard nougat the dough is left to cool while in the soft nougat it is crushed until a creamy texture is obtained.

Both types of artisan nougat have Designation of Origin according to the Protected Geographical Indications and you can acquire them in our online catalogue of artisan nougat from Jijona.

Where to buy Alicante Nougat with Designation of Origin?

If you are wondering where to buy artisan Alicante Nougat (hard), at Turrones Verdú Sirvent we sell them online. The recognition of Designation of Origin certifies its quality, flavour and aroma as well as its preparation with at least 60% Marcona almonds and honey grown in Valencia.

The recipe we follow in our nougat factory in Jijona far exceeds the minimum quantities needed to get the seal of D.O. nougat. In fact, it specifically contains 69,9% Marcona almonds and 17% of orange tree honey cultivated in the Mediterranean area.

You can buy hard nougat from Alicante online and receive it wherever you want. We elaborate nougat traditionally and it goes directly from our bakery to your home so that you can taste the authentic lifelong nougat.

We make free shipments in Spain (Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and for the rest of the countries you can calculate the shipping cost once you have your shopping cart ready.


We have different payment methods in our online shop so you can choose the most convenient in your case: PayPal, Bizum, credit or debit card, bank transfer, etc. If you need advice or you would like us to help you choose the best Alicante Nougat, we are happy to help.

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