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Taste your favourite nougat varieties!

At Verdú Sirvent we prepare packs of nougat with different varieties and nougat bars of different weights. This Christmas Christmas you can enjoy or give packs of artisan nougat as gifts at a very low price with our ready made packs or arrange a pack to your own taste.

Nougat packs to give as gifts

Christmas is characterised by family gatherings, the moments with friends and, above all, the presents made with love. That is why, at Turrones Verdú Sirvent, we prepare packs of artisan nougat to give as gifts.

Do you want to surprise your relatives or friends with an original Christmas present? Check out our packs with artisan nougat. You can purchase them ready made or choose your favourite varieties to create your own pack.

Besides elaborating artisan nougat, at Turrones Verdú Sirvent we also elaborate packs with some nougat bars in a wooden box to offer a higher quality and a better care. A perfect option to surprise your loved ones on these special dates with sweet gifts.

Surprise your friends, relatives or whoever you want. Give a pack of traditional artisan nougat as a gift.

We also prepare Christmas baskets with nougat to give at companies or businesses as gifts. . If you want to treat your employees, providers, clients or workmates you can give a pack of freshly made artisan nougat as a gift.


Christmas artisan nougat

In our online shop there is a wide variety of boxes with Christmas sweets and traditional nougat. Choose the bar you prefer to taste or a pack you want to give as a gift to your loved ones, friends, employees, etc.

All the ingredients that we use to elaborate artisan nougat are high quality and they go through a rigorous selection process. We use almonds collected in the Mediterranean area, honey grown in the same geographical area, etc. Taste the pack of quality artisan Christmas sweets.

Acquiring these packs of Christmas nougat is more economical. This way you can enjoy different varieties of artisan nougat at a lower price than if you acquire them separately.

Our product is elaborated on a limited basis.. Each Christmas campaign we elaborate a limited amount of artisan nougat bars and ingots.

Freshly made nougat, directly from the factory to your house

Best-selling nougat packs on our website

In our online catalogue we have some ready-made nougat and sweet packs. They are generally the most popular combinations among our clients.

We certainly recommend these boxes as they fit perfectly into the packaging and the shipments we have prepared. However, if you prefer, you can contact us for any question or make your own selection of nougat.

Choose both the flavour and the weight of your nougat bar (300 gr, 400 gr or 600 gr).

One of the best-selling packs of nougat is the one which combines the three most traditional nougat of the mediterranean area: Jijona Nougat (D.O.), Alicante Nougat (D.O.) and roasted egg yolk nougat. Each bar contains 400 gr. It is an ideal size to enjoy a magical moment when you cut it and you taste such a special sweet. It won’t last long at home.

Another best-selling combination is the box which contains ingots of 300 gr. of Alicante Nougat (D.O.), Jijona Nougat (D.O.), roasted egg yolk nougat and dark chocolate nougat with almonds.

There is also a pack of artisan nougat containing containing four bars (600 gr. each of them). It is formed by a bar of Alicante Nougat, a bar of Jijona Nougat, a bar of chocolate nougat with almonds and a bar of glazed fruit.

Another of the most requested baskets contains 4 bars of 300 gr. with the prized varieties of Jijona Nougat, Alicante Nougat, roasted egg yolk and chocolate with almonds.

For the lovers of the nougat with Designation of Origin seal we have a pack with 2 bars of 600 gr. each. They include Jijona Nougat and Alicante Nougat.

These are the ready made combinations though they can be combined to your own taste. Choose among all the sweets and nougat that are available on our website: candied fruit, coconut, coco-choco, unroasted egg yolk, sugar free, etc.

All the artisan nougat packs are packaged in a wooden box to guarantee its preservation and offer a higher quality in all the shipments.

More than 100 years elaborating artisan nougat

We ship both nationally (free) and internationally (calculate the shipping price at the end of your purchase).

You can shop online nougat packs with Designation of Origin seal and PGI seal (Alicante Nougat and Jijona Nougat) or nougat bars made in our bakery (egg yolk, coconut, coco-choco, roasted egg yolk, stoneground, chocolate, etc.).

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we prepare each order ourselves, so that if you have any doubt or you would like to taste any other artisan nougat flavour you only have to contact us. This can be done via email, whatsapp or telephone.

This Christmas give quality artisan nougat as a gift.

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