Caramel-coated almonds

Sweet caramelized almonds of a lifetime

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent we prepare caramel-coated almonds in an artisanal way following a recipe that is more than 100 years old. We prepare them in the same way our grandparents used to do.

Enjoy the traditional flavour and texture with freshly picked Marcona almonds from the Mediterranean, coated with sugar and cinnamon.

Where can you purchase caramel-coated almonds?

If you ask yourself where you can acquire artisanal caramel-coated almonds,you can purchase them on our website. We have 200gr cellophane bags and you can also order the weight you prefer at an affordable price. This kind of sweetened almond is typically served after family Christmas meals, although they can be enjoyed at any time.

As manufacturers of nougat in Jijona, we make each of our products by hand, following a recipe which is more than 100 years old.. For this reason, we follow the same elaboration process that our grandparents followed more than a century ago to prepare almonds with sugar and cinnamon with crunchy caramel.

What are garrapiñadas and where are they consumed?

The garrapiñadas are almonds coated with sugar and cinnamon roasted over a low heat (caramelised). ). This provides them with a crisp, hard texture as well as a sweet and caramelised flavour.

How do we make them at Turrones Verdú Sirvent? We use a third of unpeeled roasted almonds (with skin), a third of sugar and a third of water plus a chopped vanilla pod and cinnamon. We introduce all these ingredients in a container at a high initial temperature to ensure that the water emulsifies and evaporates until we obtain the texture of syrup or compote. This provides the almond with a dark colour.

Once the syrup texture is achieved, the heat is reduced and we slowly stir the mixture with a wooden spoon until we get a sandy appearance Once this is achieved, we increase the temperature of the cooker again until the sugar caramelises and we obtain individual coated-almonds.

This sweet is usually consumed throughout the year, but mostly at Christmas time. You can purchase caramel-coated almonds in markets, fairs or in artisan sweet shops like ours. They are ideal to have at any Christmas meal or to give them as a present to whoever you want. They stay fresh and crisp for approximately 8-10 weeks, if you keep them in a covered glass jar to prevent them from drying out.

Origin of the caramel-coated almonds

Caramel-coated almonds with cinnamon are very typical in Spain, but they are also consumed in other Central European countries. It is true that their origin in our country is not very clear, but there are certain regions where it is very easy to find them. For example, in Navarra, Euskadi and Andalusia.

One of the best-known recipes for caramel-coated almonds is the one from Alcalá de Henares, which is why they are also known as Alcalá almonds. However, they are not quite the same as our caramel-coated almonds with cinnamon from Jijona, the cradle of nougat.

Would you like to taste the sweet and caramelised flavour with cinnamon of a caramel-coated almond with a crunchy texture? Discover our bags of caramel-coated almonds and enjoy the most traditional flavour!

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