Stoneground nougat 500 g.


Now we offer for sale this unique nougat that we used to elaborate for our own delight after the hard days of work during the Christmas campaign. This serves as a homage for the nougat workers of the town of Jijona.


This nougat has a soft texture, very similar to the Jijona Nougat but more compact. This nougat has a unique sweet flavour with a touch of lemon and cinnamon. ENERGY VALUE: 2134 kJ (511 kcal). FATS: 28 g. OF WHICH SATURATED: 2.6 grs. CARBOHYDRATES: 51 grs. OF WHICH SUGAR: 51 grs. FOOD FIBRE: 5.6 grs. PROTEIN: 10 grs. SALT: 0 grs.

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