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Purchase the authentic and freshly made Designation of Origin nougat. Traditional recipes have been elaborated for over 100 years and can be sent directly to your home.

At Turrones Verdú Sirvent, as artisanal nougat manufacturers, we elaborate the traditional recipes of artisan nougat. Among them, the Alicante Nougat (D.O.) and the Jijona Nougat (D.O.) with Marcona almonds and honey grown in the Mediterranean area.

The majority of our nougat, artisan cakes, sweets and liqueurs are produced on a limited basis in order to offer true quality. For that reason, you can purchase online from our online shop during the Christmas season.

You can also contact us via email, WhatsApp, telephone or by filling up the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Before you place your artisan nougat order, you must take the following aspects into account:

Should you have any question or query do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you and advise you on buying quality nougat online!

• We are artisan manufacturers located in Jijona (Alicante).

• We produce on a limited basis for the Christmas season. The rest of the year you can only purchase Alicante Nougat and Jijona Nougat.

• It is recommended that you place or reserve your order as soon as possible to ensure that you have it to enjoy at Christmas.

• Shipments to the Iberian Peninsula are free of charge. For the rest of the countries, the delivery cost will be calculated once you place an order.

• Our nougat recipes are the traditional ones and are over a hundred years old.

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